Manufacturing Process
Transformer Assembly
Low-loss transformer sheets, copper wire with high isolation are used for the transformer assembly to sustain reliability. Each transformer is tested for the isolation as well as primery & secondary voltages before installation.
Mechanical Production
Mechanical parts are designed using CAD, and produced with the machines including laser cutting, punch, welding, electrostatic dust dye cabins and twisting machines.
Cabling and PCB Assembly
PCB assembly cards, connectors, mechanical parts are tested for their electronic functionality and mechanical control. Cabling and connectors are also inspected for the conductivity and mechanical structure reliability before final assembly.
Simplicity in the Process
Prepared transformers, cabling, modules and PCB's are sent to three manufacturing slots "UPS", "STABILIZER" and "RECTIFIER" to assemble them into chasis by experienced technical personnel.
Reliability with Best in Class Components
Weidmuller, Kraus-Naimer, Lavoto, Ferraz-Shavmut, Mitsubishi, IXYS, Microchip, LEM, Papts, Telemechanique, Omron and Kendeil are among the companies that are the suppliers to GESS for varying components. Each of them is quality checked before assembly.