The Future
GESS production philosophy is based on maximizing the customer value with its lean production system which works in perfect harmony with rigorous quality testing and strenuous research and development efforts. Although standardization and simplification are seen as the key going forward, custom requirements of customers from wide range of industries are catered well without comprimising on the reliability in power protection to stay on the competitive edge in today's most demanding environment. Both factories in Ankara are fully integrated and are able to produce everything from electronic cards to chasis in order to minimize the associated risks of sourcing and using more components from overseas.

Going Forward With Extensive R&D

Research and Development activities have traditionally been the engine of our growth by ways of both upgrading current components & sytems with new, hi-tech ones designing innovative power systems for better protection capitalizing on more efficient energy sources like solar, wind & hydrogen batteries for the future. Now, the group owns its technology to produce wide spectrum of power management instruments including UPS, voltage stabilizer, redresser, inverter and electronic compensation unit and to keep the innovation pipeline full for the coming years. The R&D team, including software and hardware engineers, has the full design capability of power electronics systems in addressing ever increasing needs of various markets as IT, telecom, defense, finance and healthcare.