Voltage Regulator
Fully Static Architecture
Fast Response Time
GESS Static Voltage Regulators are built with semiconductors and do not contain any mechanical parts in it, minimizing the need for maintenance and adjustment. In addition, the semi-conductor architecture provides fast response to fluctuations - 500 V/sec. regulation speed - with long-term operation reliability.
Features at a Glance
  • Built with Semi-Conductors, Fully Static architecture
  • No Mechanical Parts, no need to Maintenance and Adjustment
  • RISC Microcontrolled
  • Perfect Dynamic and Static Regulation
  • Wide Input Operating Voltage Range 130-270 VAC
  • Electronic Protection to Over Load and Short Circuit
  • 220 V ± %2.5 Static Regulation, 500 V/sec Regulation Speed
  • Displaying Load Level, Input and Output Voltage
  • Programmable Upper and Lower Limit for Protecting Load Over Voltage

Increased Stability
Static Voltage Regulators are micro controlled with isolated gate drive switching at zero current, enhancing the stability of the voltage regulator without any voltage and current distortion Ideal for protection of sensitive and valuable electronics systems.

Energy Saving Solution
The Static Voltage Stabilizers are also ideal to be used in connection with generators where the network voltage is too low and fluctuation is high. Normally, a standalone generator starts operating below 200V, however a generator coupled with a Servo or Static Voltage Stabilizer kicks in below 165V since the Static Voltage Regulator corrects the network voltage down to 165V level. Regulator's correction capability within this margin would prevent unnecessary operation of generators and increase system's efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Block Schema
Uninterrupted Switching
Reliable and uninterrupted switching is secured as tap changing occurs at zero current and at voltage peak level during regulation (shown on the diagram). Thanks to this feature, the occurrence of short circuit at switching instant is prevented.