Wide Range Portfolio
by Single Manufacturer
The group prides itself by manufacturing the whole range of power protection equipments to cater the complete needs of its customers in three continents and yet innovations are on the way as line extentions and as new products to better serve the markets around the globe.
Being fully abreast of the fact that in today's competitive environment, even millisecond power outages or distortions mean a great deal of loss to your business, PMI, OES and Karmet group companies manufacture reliable and hi-tech energy solutions to industries where critical processes are in place. As a group, we have made great strides in developing and producing one of the most comprehensive portfolios to lead the power electronics industry including UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Redresser, Inverter and Electronic Compensation Unit. The group is capable of safeguarding the critical processes of various markets such as IT, telecom, defense, finance and healthcare thanks to its wide range of product portfolio.

Strong Roots of Design Capability

The group has the full talent, capability and skill sets required to design, manufacture and market power electronics products under the brands of GESS® and Karmet®. All parts from electronic cards to software are designed and produced in integrated facilities, meaning that the group owns the technology to produce wide spectrum of power management instruments including UPS, voltage stabilizer, redresser, inverter and electronic compensation unit. And yet, the group continues to build on its core competence that lies in its power to be able to develop innovative technologies, thanks to strenuous efforts put in R&D for more than 20 years. This is how the group developed trust within its heritage over the years.
1986 GESS/OES Elektronik Sistemleri
R&D and Test Laboratories Establishment
First UPS Line Introduced upto 5 Kva Group
1990 First Monophase Servo Regulator
UPS Line Coverage upto 10 kVA
1995 DC Charger Design & Production
2000 Static Regulator Introduction
Transformer production
UPS Line Mono & Threephase (160 kVA)
2007 Karmet Makina Elektronik Tasarım
Start to Mechanical Production.
2008 Electronic PF Corrector Systems
2009 PMI (Power Management Instruments)
Umbrella Brand for Overseas Markets
2010 Uninterruptible Generator System & Delta Conversion UPS System (Will be launched in Q1 2010)